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Membrane Targeting Domains Resource (MeTaDor) is an exclusive resource for peripheral domains that target different membranes. Starting with a brief introduction to the domains, we list their sequences, provide structures, function classfication, structural features, and list the orientations of binding known or proposed. We also link the information to other useful databases and cite relevant literature for each domain. Please use the menu on the left hand side to navigate through the website.
Citation: Nitin Bhardwaj, Robert V. Stahelin, Guijun Zhao, Wonhwa Cho, and Hui Lu, "MeTaDoR: A comprehensive resource for membrane targeting domains and their host proteins", Bioinformatics, Vol 23, No. 22, pp 3110-3112 (2007).
Contact: nbhardwaj@gmail.com or Huilu@uic.edu
Copyright 2007 Dr Hui Lu's Lab at University of Illinois at Chicago